The Innovative Project of LunaDx Nano automatic constant temperature nucleic acid amplification anal

On April 12. 2022 in the afternoon, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Achievement Evaluation of Shanghai received authorization of Holosensor Medical Technology Ltd to gathered a group of experts to conduct evaluations on the technical achievements of "LunaDx Nano Automatic Constant Temperature Nucleic Acid Amplification Analyzer". This meeting was conducted by Video-Conference meeting. This evaluation was all executed according to the requirements by Chinese General Office of the State Council: "Instructional Advice on perfecting the assessment mechanism of scientific and technological achievements" (2021- Reference 26) as well as "Decision about the Improvement of the work of science and technology evaluation", meanwhile according to the relevant provisions of the ministry of science "decision about the improvement of the work of science and technology evaluation" and "science and technology evaluation method".This evaluation was conducted in accordance with the principles of Scientific, Objectivity, Independence, Equality.


The expert group has listened to all the Holosensors reports, through full inquiry, evaluation, reviewing of all evidence materials, the experts approve the achievements of Holosensors latest product LunaDx Nano: based on the LAMP technology, it uses an independently developed and innovative  system, the microfluidic chip and to conduct quick and easy operations. The LunaDx Nano system owns small size, high degree of automation, high sensitivity as characters, suitable for the application in multiple scenarios. The market prospects of this product is highly potential, this new innovative system is expected to fill the domestic blank and can provide a solution to solve the current problem of novel Coronavirus rapid detection.

At the same time, according to the innovation report issued by Shanghai Innovation Evaluating and Consulting Center for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the achievements of the LunaDx Nano project are novel, very innovative. Its comprehensive technology has reached the international advanced level. The expert group advised to the Holosensor to further explore the technical advantages, improve the performance of instruments and supporting reagents. By strengthening the application and promotion, Holosensor is to realize the industrial application of these achievements as early as possible.