LunaDx® Pro Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Detection Analyzer

Sample in, results out·Eliminate cross contamination
The fully automated nucleic acid detection analyzer is a closed platform integrating nucleic acid extraction, amplification, and fluorescence expression. The device is capable of testing for 52 pathogen nucleic acids in each sample within 2 hours, allowing for the rapid diagnosis of patients with clinically complicated infections.
The fully automated nucleic acid detection analyzer is based on PCR technology, offering high detection sensitivity. Stage heating and cooling allows for rapid temperature cycling, thus reducing the overall detection time. The fully closed chip design protects the environment and samples from cross-contamination. In a nutshell, the device makes nucleic acid detection more rapid, accurate,reliable and safe.

Operating procedure

No pretreatment of samples is required. Handling is straightforward and results are available within 2 hours.


Within a sample, multiple pathogens can be qualitatively detected and simultaneously identified.

The one-person kit screens for 52 pathogens common to humans, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycoplasma and chlamydia. The testing kit can also be customized based on the patient's specific infections.

Application areas

Our technology is suitable for the detection of nucleic acids in various environments, such as quarantine institutions, medical units, scientific institutes, and enterprise laboratories. Being able to detect 52 pathogens simultaneously makes our approach especially suitable for the differential diagnosis of patients with complicated infections.

Platform advantages

High detection sensitivity

Allowing for early clinical detection of infections.

Broad range of detection

Each sample can be tested for dozens of pathogens simultaneously, making diagnosis more efficient.

Rapid detection

A patented technique for rapid temperature cycling allows for tests to be completed within 2 hours, thus reducing patients' waiting time.

Contamination prevention

The combination of microfluidic technology and all-in-one kits removes the risk of cross-contamination,thus making test results more reliable.