Cytobot® Automated Circulating Tumor Cell Detection System

Cytobot® 2000 is a CTC detection system completely independently developed by Huixian Pharmaceutical. It adopts the leading "physical + immune" microfluidic double enrichment principle, fully automatic operation, in-situ fluorescent staining, and has the characteristics of accuracy, automation, and efficiency.

The tumor medication guidance related protein on the surface of CTC can be detected.


Real photos of circulating tumor cells under microscope


Platform advantages

Efficient CTC capture

Using the "physical + immune" double enrichment principle, the capture rate is > 90% and detection results are more accurate.

Rapid detection

The detection cycle is short, the manual operation steps are few, and the results are obtained on the same day.

High degree of automation

Enrichment and dyeing are automatically carried out by the instrument's mechanical arm without any manual labor.

Wider clinical application value

In addition to CTC counting, we can also detect the proteins of PD-L1, HER-2 and AR-V7 in CTC cells to guide drug selection.