New Coronavirus COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit

The primers and probes used in the diagnostic kit target the multiple regions both in open reading frame (ORF 1ab), Nucleocapsid protein (N) gene and Envelop (E) gene regions. It can fulfill the specific detection of both multi-regions and multi-genes which will reduce the risk of missed detection.

Product features and advantages: Fast, Accurate, Stable

  • One- step amplification method makes the manual operation easier;

  • The co-detection of both multi-regions and multi- genes in one tubes reduces the risk of missed detection;

  • The detection kit can give result in one hour which is accurate, highly sensitive and specific.

  • Closer to the actual situation after three iterations.Can detect a variety of mutated viruses, such as those in Japan, lran, Sweden, France, Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries.