Magnetic Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

Extract nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) from swabs, sputum, respiratory lavage fluid, serum, plasma, environmental samples, water samples and other samples. The kit is composed of superparamagnetic nanospheres and an efficient extraction reagent system. The unique surface-modified magnetic beads have stronger nucleic acid binding ability and easier elution.

Used to extract DNA&RNA of various viruses and pathogenic bacteria

Coronavirus, influenza virus, norovirus, HIV, HPV enterovirus, SARS virus, pathogenic bacteria, diarrhea virus, swine fever virus

Feature of product

  • Fast extraction: 12-25min quickly complete the virus nucleic acid extraction process;

  • High biological safety: no high-temperature cracking process, reducing the generation of aerosols, and reducing the risk of infection for inspectors;

  • Does not contain phenol, chloroform and other toxic organic reagents, making it healthier and safer;

  • Reduce cross-contamination: Reducing the production of aerosols can simultaneously reduce cross-contamination and false positive results in testing;

  • High extraction efficiency: It can extract trace amounts of nucleic acid (<10IU/mL), protect easily degradable RNA, and reduce false negative results;            

  • Pre-packaging: easy to use, supporting a variety of automatic nucleic acid extractors on the market.

Stable and efficient extraction-derived from core raw material technology

Mass production capacity of uniform and stable magnetic beads + optimized modification and reagent formulation to ensure efficient nucleic acid extraction.