Colorelief Methylated detection kit for Human Gene SDC2/SFRP2/TFPI2 (Multiple fluorescence PCR)

Methylated DNA appears in the early stage of development of tumors. Holosensor developed ColoreliefTM Methylated detection kit for Human Gene SDC2/SFRP2/TFPI2 based on the new technology of Stool Methylated DNA detection. It helps physicians to detect colorectal cancer at its early stages when the malignancy can be effectively treated and stopped altogether.

Product Composition

  • Stool Sample Collection Tube

  • Nucleic acid extraction reagent

  • Methylation pretreatment reagent

  • Methylated detection kit for Human Gene SDC2/SFRP2/TFPI2 (Multiple fluorescence PCR)

Features and advantages

  • Noninvasive: Only need 5g of stool sample for detection, no bowl preparation, in-home sample collection.

  • High testing reliability and stability: Specificity 95% , Sensitivity in colorectal cancer detection 98%
  • More comprehensive detection: Detect 3 genes, more comprehensive, more accurate

  • Wide applicability: It can be detected for people with intestinal discomfort.

Detection process

  1. Sample collection: High-quality fecal sample preservation solution can effectively prevent DNA degradation.

  2. DNA extraction: Ensure high efficiency and high purity extraction of human DNA.

  3. Bisulfite conversion: One of the core R&D technologies, conversion efficiency>99%, recovery efficiency>85%

  4. Fluorescence PCR detection: High specificity and sensitivity of probe and qPCR reaction enzyme system.

  5. Report generation: Unique positive judgment model with high accuracy.

Intended population

  • Those who are average-risk individual age 40-75

  • Those who have alarming gastroenterological symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, fecal occult blood, constipation and emaciation
  • Those who have benign diseases of rectum and anus, such as hemorrhoid, anus fistula, perianal tumor, anal fissure.
  • Those who had colorectal cancer and need follow-ups after tumor removal surgeries.

  • Those who have family history of colorectal cancer or have unhealthy eating habits or lifestyles.

  • Those who have no intension or have high risk (due to various reasons) in undergoing colonoscopy procedure.

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